Monthly Archives: December 2013

Three guiding wishes for 2014

These are things that I’d like to do, but will only happen if I make an effort.

1. Take more photos

This is the year I make our local PR advisor happy.  I’m camera-lazy, but that’s not fair on my girls (and fellow leaders), who do wonderful things and deserve to have them recorded and displayed in local newspapers, on the County website, in newsletters, in our hall, and so on.  I treated myself to a new camera for Christmas, one that doesn’t eat batteries, so I hope that will inspire me to snap.

2. Run a trip or two

I booked a District trip to the pantomime before Christmas, and (after much faffing and with much help from other leaders) it went ok.  I’d like to learn from that and organise another outing later this year.  Our Guides have asked to go to a theme park…

3. Fundraise

Two of our older Guides are going on international trips in 2014 and 2015.  I remember how it feels to not know where to start with fundraising and feel slightly self-conscious about asking for help.  Now that I do know where to start and am quite shameless about asking for help, I’d like to help them find them as many opportunities as possible.