Three guiding plans for 2014

These are new year’s plans rather than resolutions, because I already know they are going to happen (short of some unforeseen disaster).

1. Gain holiday licence

Pack holiday is only seven weeks away, whoopee!

2. Complete most of Queen’s Guide Award

After Pack Holiday, the main remaining bits will be going on an expedition (in October half term: a few destinations have been mooted but nothing confirmed) and doing the community project (a bit of a grey area: I have possibly started my research, but need to commit to a theme and decide on an actual project).  My end date is February 2015, so most of it ought to be done by the end of 2014.

3. Summer camp

This is where my Guide Leader buddy gets her camp licence (also towards her Queen’s Guide Award).  She’s visited the site, set a date, and chosen a theme.  I’m sure it will go brilliantly, and I’m already looking forward to helping to plan the activities.

So all these things are Queen’s Guide-related.  That’s ok, as I feel that most of the big Guiding things I do this year should be counting towards the award.


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