Ready, steady, snow!

First meeting back after the Christmas holiday!

Most years at this time we play games with Christmas cards, such as relay races to pick particular designs out of a big pile, or cutting cards into jigsaw pieces for the Guides to put them together.

This year I fancied doing something a bit different and offered to plan some snow activities.  First we made melted snowman biscuits (shamelessly copied from all over Pinterest).

Biscuits decorated as melting snowmen

Each Guide used 1 paper plate, 1 digestive biscuit, plain icing, 1 marshmallow, half a matchmaker, 3 chocolate chips, and writing icing.

Next we had a snowball fight!  I’d brought two carrier bags full of scrunched-up paper “snowballs”.  Another leader scrunched a few more while the Guides were decorating biscuits.  We split the Guides into two teams, one at each end of the room behind a table which they weren’t allowed to pass or touch.  Each team got a bag of paper, which was plenty.  On each table were a few mixing bowls.  The winning team was the one that got more “snowballs” into the other side’s bowls.  We played two rounds and had great fun.

Then each patrol filled a bowl with “snowballs” and we challenged them to make a snowman (or snow-woman or other snow-thing) in 10 minutes using the paper, sellotape, and any other props to hand.  They were very inventive – one patrol made a sweet little traditional snowman, one made a very lifelike snowdog, and the other three turned one of their Guides into a snowguide!  When time was up, the patrols took it in turns to stand up and introduce their creation to everyone.

A Guide's hands making a "snow" sculpture from scrunched-up paper

That left just enough time to get into a horseshoe, hand out letters, and talk about forthcoming events: Thinking Day and, very excitingly, summer camp.

After the meeting, our Young Leader said she’d been expecting to play Christmas card games and (jokingly) was disappointed!  It just shows that even if something seems a bit overdone to leaders, the girls might enjoy the tradition of it.

In fact, our Unit Guider had brought her stash of Christmas cards just in case we needed another activity, and we’ve left them in the cupboard in case we need a filler in future.


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