Promise, Guidelines, Go For Its, and Twister

This week at Guides, our Young Leader ran an activity on the Promise, which counted towards her Leadership Qualification.  The Guides drew round their hands on green paper, wrote the Promise on one side and examples of how they could keep it on the other side, cut them out, and stuck them (like leaves) to a tree trunk that YL had drawn.

It was simple and good: the girls seemed quite happy sitting, writing, discussing the Promise (amongst other things!) and in some cases getting very decorative.  We looked at the Promise at the start of last term (along with most other units in the country, I expect), but it’s good to have a refresher, especially as we have a few new Guides who might be making their Promise this term.

Then we asked the patrols to come up with ideas for guidelines (unit rules, code of conduct, whatever you call them), as we realised we hadn’t renewed them for over a year.  The patrol leaders got together and made a final version – again, we haven’t had a patrol leaders’ council for well over a year, or official patrols for that matter!

While they did this with two leaders, another leader and I introduced a selection of Go For Its to the rest of the Guides, and they started looking through them and choosing what to work on.  After the patrol leaders returned, they only had about 10 minutes to plan activities for 2 weeks’ time.  It felt a bit rushed, but we were running out of time, and we could make some time to look at them again next week if necessary.

Looking through our collection of Go For Its, only the more obscure ones seemed to be there – we leaders wondered what had happened to Chocolate, Globalistic, Passion for Fashion, and others that we definitely used to have.  Maybe worn to pieces or borrowed by another unit?  Anyway, the ones we found still have lots of good activities (even if some show Guides in the old uniform, i.e. are at least 10 years old, i.e. are probably older than some of the Guides).

Guides' hands and feet playing Twister on a giant board

We finished with a game of Giant Twister, which was just what was needed after an evening sitting at tables.  One of the leaders has an amazing homemade mat, which is the size of about 6 normal mats and takes up most of our meeting space!  Some of the Guides are very agile, and in the end (after adding instructions like “nose on red” and “left ear on yellow”) we declared 3 winners.


2 thoughts on “Promise, Guidelines, Go For Its, and Twister

    1. Clare Post author

      Yep that’s it – obviously could be any colour fabric but the leader happened to have lots of black. It’s a good item to have!


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