Planning the term in 12 sentences

“Let’s stay behind after Guides and plan the rest of the term.”

“Oh look, there are leftover marshmallows and Matchmakers from tonight’s activity!”

“I’ve brought my laptop so I’ll type it straight into a document to hand out to the Guides and email to their parents.”

“What events have we already committed to?”

“Which seasonal themes shall we do?”

“I know someone who’s offered to bring their guide dog to meet the Guides.”

“How can we help one of our Guides raise funds for an international trip?”

“Young Leader, would you still like to run a meeting to count towards your leadership qualification?”

“We haven’t done any Go For Its for a year, we should probably spend a few nights on them…”

“Let’s look again at what the Guides said they wanted to do and see how much we’ve covered…hmm, some things but not everything, but they’ll be able to choose their activities for Go-For-Its.”

“Have we filled up all our meetings already?  These other ideas will just have to wait till next term.”

“Who wants the last marshmallow?”


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