Monthly Archives: January 2014

This week in guiding

Hello there!  After a break over Christmas, I have done a few gentle Guidey things this week:

  • Made an info/consent form and a questionnaire about food and bedroom preferences for Pack Holiday, to give to the Brownies on the first week back, so their parents can bring them back to the parents’ meeting the following week
  • Cut out lots of cardboard circles for making friendship bracelets and pompoms on Pack Holiday, as a downtime activity
  • Visited a shop in town that’s being used as a community space, with a couple of other leaders from my District who kindly braved the rain, to think about how we could use it for Guiding.  We left having agreed to rent it one Saturday in March.  It’s being billed as a “takeover” for now, until we have more concrete plans about what we’re going to do.
  • Had a phone call with my organised Unit Leader to work out whose payment was outstanding for a recent trip.  I must now gently chase.