Go For Its (part 1)

After last week’s meeting, which needed quite a bit of preparation and hands-on leading, it was nice to have a night when the patrols planned their own activities and got on with them.

It gave us leaders a chance to catch up, talk about events coming up, staple together some fundraising packs, look at some old photos, do camp admin, and check on craft supplies, so that was quite productive.  It was one of the very rare meetings where I was surprised time was going so slowly, as usually we’re always in a rush to finish on time!

The Guides mostly did a fine job with their Go For It activities.  They included drawing the world of the future:

Guides drawing

Trying and rating retro sweets:

Guides trying sweets

Survival skills:

Camping gear including rucksacks and a sleeping bag

And more sweets:

Wrapped sweets on a table

And a murder mystery play which, unusually, had a beginning, middle and end.  Good work, Guides.  The only not-so-successful one was meditation, which didn’t happen because the girls bringing the equipment weren’t there; but we found that patrol some crafts to do instead.

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