So I’m a Residential Advisor?

That’s how I’ve been saying it to everyone: with a big question mark at the end.  Often also with an eyebrow raised and/or a slightly incredulous expression.

I’m Division Residential Advisor for Rainbows and Brownies.  I’ve been to a grand total of 3 Brownie holidays (5 including ones where I was a Brownie), and 0 Rainbow sleepovers.  At the time of my first advisors’ meeting recently, I was 4 weeks away from running my licence holiday.

So I’m not very experienced compared to some of the other advisors around the county, and I have a feeling I’m going to have to ask lots of questions.  However, I’m keen(ish), I don’t have conflicting work/family commitments, I’m up to date with the qualification since I’m working on it myself, and it’s a good chance to meet other leaders in the division and county.  Most importantly, my Division Commissioner told me I could do it, and I believe her.  She also told me it wouldn’t be a huge role, and I believe that, too (hopefully).

Even so, until I’ve had a bit more experience, I’ll continue to introduce my new role with a question mark.


2 thoughts on “So I’m a Residential Advisor?

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