A delightful District meal

The Leaders and Young Leaders in my District had a lovely Christmas meal – in January, of course – in our Guide hall.  A caterer provided the food, with several tasty options for mains and puddings, and it worked out cheaper than going to a restaurant.  Our District Commissioner and Hall Secretary did a sterling job of organising the evening, collecting numbers, providing drinks, laying the tables, and planning some games.

It was really good to have a chance to mingle with the other Leaders without either being in a meeting or having girls present.  I especially liked that there was a real mix of generations, from 14-year-old Young Leaders to the octogenarian president of our local Trefoil Guild.

Half-finished meals and drinks on a neatly-laid table

I didn’t take any pictures of the food until dinner was well underway!

After the main course, we played “the hat game”: everyone wrote down 3 names of famous people on pieces of paper, folded them up and put them into a bowl.  We got into teams, and the teams took it in turns for 1 person to pick names out of the bowl and describe them without saying their name, with their team-mates guessing, trying to get as many as possible in a minute.  The team kept the correct guesses, and any “passes” went back into the bowl and it was passed to the next team.  Each team got about 5 turns before we ran out of names, then we counted how many correct guesses we had and the team with the most (mine, whoop whoop!) won.  The game ended there, but you can also do a second round where you put all the names back in and do the same but miming the person; and a third round where you can only say one word to describe the person.

After pudding, we played a game that was new to me, but really good.  We were given 26 sealed envelopes, each marked with a letter of the alphabet, with an object inside beginning with that letter (e.g. there was a zip inside the Z envelope).  We had to feel them and guess the objects.  Each team wrote down their guesses and the one with the most correct won.  It could also be adapted so the letters spelled words rather than the alphabet (e.g. “Merry Christmas”), and it could be done individually or in any size of team.  Or you could use a blindfold instead of envelopes.

All in all, it was a really good, fun evening, and I hope we can do it again next year.

4 thoughts on “A delightful District meal

    1. Clare Post author

      Now I come to think of it, I left before that was revealed…it felt like a plastic figurine, so I guessed either an X-men toy or a dinosaur (eXtinct!)!

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