What about breakfast at Brownies?

Before I did my Brownie holiday licence, I helped at a couple of Brownie meetings to get to know the girls as I’m not usually their Leader.  These were also meetings where they were doing things to get ready for the holiday.

At the first one, everyone came in their pyjamas (always a hit!  And a chance for onesie one-upmanship) and had breakfast.  Each Six sat at a table and tried various foods in turn: fruit juice, cereal, toast, and eggy bread.  It was quite flexible, with the Leaders helping them to get their food ready, sorting out refills of juice, supervising the frying of eggy bread and so on.  I found it a good chance to go round the tables and chat to the Brownies and learn their names.

For such a simple thing, breakfast kept them entertained for almost an hour (we might have to be a bit quicker on holiday!), then they played wink murder (of course) and I asked them for ideas for holiday Six names.

When I was getting ready for bed that evening, it took me a second to work out why my pyjama top smelled like frying oil!  Rest assured, that one went into the laundry basket…

Wishing you all a very happy Thinking Day tomorrow, however you’re celebrating!


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