World Thinking Day 2014

On 22 February, my District held our Thinking Day event in a local village hall.

About 30 Rainbows, Brownies and Guides came – we have lots more, but it was half term – and at least one leader from most units.  We started off with a picnic lunch all together, then the group split in half.

One half did a street dance workshop with a great dance teacher whom we paid for using our Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers from last year.  We collected them as a District so it was nice that we could use them on something all together.  The dancing looked really fun and the leaders enjoyed it as well as the girls.

The other half did a session run by my Queen’s Guide Buddy.  First they made treasure chests: cut out nets, decorated them with paper, stickers, gemstones etc. raided from the Guide hall, stuck them together into box shapes.

A table covered in card, glue, scissors and coloured paper

Then they went on a treasure hunt for knowledge (inspired by this year’s focus Millennium Development Goal, primary education for all).  In the garden, we “hid” 12 bits of paper with facts about Thinking Day and about Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in this year’s focus countries.*  In groups, pairs or on their own, the girls had to find a fact, come and tell it to a leader, and if they remembered it right the leader would give them a coin to put in their treasure chests.

Everyone got into the treasure hunt, although it worked slightly better with the Guides and older Brownies than it did with the younger ones – firstly because they needed more help reading and remembering, and secondly because they kept losing the coins from their boxes!**  Altogether, the craft and treasure hunt took about an hour, just the right amount of time.  To end the session, when the girls came inside again, they found the focus countries on a world map.

In between sessions, we had a break for squash and biscuits/cake, decorated by one of our leaders.

Cake decorated with trefoil-shaped icing

The afternoon ended with everyone gathering in a circle, singing ‘This little guiding light’, and renewing our promises.

Sheets of paper with the words of the Guide, Brownie and Rainbow promise written on

* Armenia, Bangladesh, Benin, Egypt, and St Vincent and the Grenadines

** That was partly my fault – I made a mistake when helping to cut out some of the boxes that meant there was a little gap in them.  But still, waving them around didn’t help to keep things inside…


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