I wasn’t at Guides this week: I had to work an evening shift and missed out on pancakes!  From past years, I know roughly what went on…

Each Guide brought an empty, clean tin can with the lid removed and holes made in the side.  We brought an example in the week before and warned about being careful/getting an adult to help with making the holes.  We also asked everyone to bring a household candle – not a tealight, as experience has taught us they’re not strong enough.

The leaders brought batter ingredients and toppings, and spare cans and candles.

On plates or trays, the Guides lit their candles and placed the cans over the top.  The cans really need a lot of big holes to let enough oxygen in.  The Guides mixed batter, and poured it onto the top surface of the can when it’s hot enough (with a bit of oil, I think?).  Let pancake cook, turn it over with an implement, let it cook a bit more, remove and put on a plate, add toppings, eat and enjoy, repeat until the batter runs out or you’ve had enough.

Sometimes we also make popcorn in foil pie cases, and/or toast marshmallows and make s’mores.  I’m not sure what they did this time, but there were a lot of unused marshmallows in the Guide hall (left over from my pack holiday) so hopefully some of them found a good home.


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