Super site visit

Three weeks before I did my Brownie holiday licence, I went with two other Leaders, Brown Owl and Tawny Owl, to look at where we would be staying.

The site is a Girlguiding property with a house, a campsite, and a few activity bits like a climbing wall.  I’ve camped there with the Guides a couple of times, and had been into the house very briefly, so I knew roughly what to expect.  Brown Owl had visited a couple of years ago, and Tawny Owl had never been there, so she was the one we had to impress.

And she was impressed, as were we all.  It’s just such a nice house, certainly not your basic village hall.  There are nice bedrooms, nice toilets and showers, a humungus kitchen, an activity room with tables and chairs, a dining room with more tables and chairs, a cosy first aid room complete with a lockable cabinet, a bed and teddies, lots of pinboards, and a lovely sitting room with comfy chairs, cushions, beanbags, and games.  It’s obviously a very loved place, and it’s no wonder 3 of the 4 Brownie packs in our District are holidaying there this year.

Even better, all of us were inspired with new ideas for the holiday by seeing the surroundings, as is often the way.  Tawny Owl said “I’m looking forward to it now!”, which is what I’d hoped: suddenly pack holiday got much more real and exciting for her.

I tried leading the Owls across a field to the campfire circle, but we soon realised that the ground was very wet and squelchy, so they were content for me to just point towards it instead.  Still, it impressed on us that wellies are an essential item on the kit list!


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