Princes and princesses

This week’s meeting was run by our Young Leader to cover a few last programme tasks for her Adult Leadership Qualification (ALQ).  Although she’s been with us for 4 years and helped in many ways with many things, she’s never planned or taken leadership of a whole meeting before so it was an exciting first.  She did brilliantly, and it was so nice for the rest of us knowing that all we had to do this week was turn up in costume and await instructions.

Home-made fascinator

My fascinator, made hastily from an Alice band, a paper plate, marker pens, feathers, and duct tape.

The theme was princes and princesses, chosen by Young Leader and the Guides back in December when we were coming up with ideas for this term.  Almost everyone remembered to come in costume, and those who didn’t managed to improvise with paper crowns and accessories borrowed from others.  There was quite a range of interpretations of the theme, from  long pouffy dresses to dapper waistcoated princes to Princess Leia.

We spent about half an hour decorating masquerade masks with paper, fabric, sequins etc.  Very simple, flexible craft, and the Guides were very happy and produced some beautiful masks.

Decorated masquerade masks

Deocrated masquerade masks

Then we played a game where everyone had a sticker on their back with the name of a famous prince or princess (mostly from Disney and the royal family).  We had to guess who we were by asking yes/no questions, then find our partner.  It was a good way to get us mingling, though some of the Guides found it surprisingly hard to stick to yes/no questions.  (“Am I a prince or a princess?”  “Who am I married to?”)

Post-it notes with "Cinderella" and "Aurora" written on, stuck onto Guides' backs

While some leaders got the next thing ready, the Guides got into patrols and spent 15 minutes planning Go-For-Its for next week.  Once again, some had mysteriously vanished.  Hurrah, another week where all I need to do is turn up!

Finally, we had a delicious “afternoon” tea with cakes, crisps, sandwiches, lemonade and milkshake.  While the girls were eating, Unit Leader gave out notices of events coming up, and asked the Guides if they thought Young Leader had done well, which they all agreed she had.  Some wrote comments in her ALQ book, which will be nice for her to look back on.  All in all, a very good evening: the theme wasn’t one that I’d have guessed the Guides would enjoy so much, but they really did.  Not to mention any excuse for dressing up and having a bit of a party.

Table with plates of cakes and sandwiches


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