Pack holiday happened

Wall display saying "Pack Holiday 2014"

I ran a Brownie pack holiday in February half term to get my holiday licence.  (I need my licence to go on an expedition, I’m going on an expedition to get my Queen’s Guide Award, I’m getting my Queen’s Guide Award to catch the fly, I don’t know why I swallowed a fly…).

I’m pleased to report it went well and I, the other leaders, the Brownies and my assessors were all happy.  Hurrah!  I feel like I could get several posts out of it, so I’ll start with a general overview of the holiday.

(As an aside, I keep wanting to call it a weekend even though it was midweek – to the point where I actually printed “Friday, Saturday, Sunday” on the duties rota and didn’t notice until a Young Leader pointed it out on the first day!)

Duties rota with the wrong days of the week crossed out and the correct days written in

Day 1

2pm: Leaders arrive, induction from site warden, unpack food and activity kit, put up signs, sort our bedrooms out, have a cup of tea and a long break as we possibly got there a bit too early.

6pm: Brownies arrive, hand in forms and food, put kit in bedrooms, goodbye to parents, start diaries and craft

6:45pm: Welcome talk, explain safety, rules, leaders’ roles, the fun things we’ll be doing etc.

7pm: Team games/races/challenges for Six bonding

7:30pm: fire drill

7:45pm: indoor campfire with tealights and torches

8:30pm: drink and snack

9pm: into pyjamas, story time

10pm: first attempt at bedtime

12:30am: leaders go to bed

3:15am: last Brownies go to sleep (apparently.  My head hit the pillow and I didn’t wake up till my alarm went off, but the other leader in my room wasn’t so lucky)

Day 2

7:15am: leaders start stirring

7:30am: officially wake the Brownies up.  All are already awake.  Not all are quietly resting as they were instructed!

8:30am: breakfast

9am: duties, room tidying and inspection

9:45am: songs outside to get fresh air

10am: circus workshop!

11am: drink and snack, then more circus workshop!

12 noon: adventure playground

1pm: lunch

2pm: rest time (for everyone!)

3pm: rotating activities: scavenger hunt, face painting, making pizzas, cross stitch, souvenir and tuck shop

4:30pm: drink and snack

4:45pm: free time to practise entertainment for later

6:30pm: dinner

7pm: putting on costumes, final getting ready

7:30pm: circus entertainment from the Brownies

8:30pm: into pyjamas, drink, share best moments, story time

9pm: bedtime.  Only one attempt needed tonight!

12 midnight: leaders go to bed

Day 3

7:15am: leaders start stirring

7:45am: wake up the Brownies.  Most are asleep, all are quietly in bed

8:30am: breakfast, which includes cake and a song as it’s my birthday!  I blow out all the candles in one go: very proud moment.

9am: duties, packing up, moving bags out of rooms, cleaning

10:15am: drink and snack

10:30am: final song, chat about the holiday, say thank yous

11am: goodbye Brownies!  Leaders do final tidying and cleaning

12 noon: hand back keys and leave

5 thoughts on “Pack holiday happened

  1. guideylaurie

    Sounds great! What jobs are involved in ‘house orderlies’?
    I managed to fail to print out the menu for our camp, and print out two contradictory bits that had different allocations of patrols doing certain jobs… ooops!!

    1. Clare Post author

      They did things like sweeping, tidying, putting out chairs. Ah well, these things keep everyone on their toes!

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