Go For Its (part 2)

This week we had our second Go For It night of the term.  The patrols got started on their planned activities as soon as they arrived.  They were:

  • Finishing a picture of what they think the future might look like (started a few weeks ago – I was impressed that it had been taken home and kept safe since then)
  • Making and running a quiz about the history of sweets
  • Tasting and rating sweets
  • Meditation (for some reason this included eating chocolate)

Only 4 patrols tonight: somehow one patrol only had one Guide attending, so she joined in with another group.

If I’m honest, we as a unit could be more rigorous about Go For Its.  Our packs seem to keep disappearing and some are getting quite old: we still have a few of the first ones, published before the uniform changed and before our youngest Guides were born!  The activities are still good, but they just don’t look so attractive any more.  Most of the patrols didn’t know the name of the Go For It they were working on, and none have done three activities as I think you’re meant to.

So: we could do better at explaining the idea of Go For Its, providing up-to-date packs, giving the Guides enough time to prepare three balanced and varied activities, and giving them a reward (card/badge) at the end.

On the up side, they were all happy in what they were doing, even if not particularly challenged.  We have a new helper (huzzah!) who is keen but completely new to guiding and a bit shy with the girls, so I took her on the rounds of the patrols and asked them to explain to her what they were doing.  The other leaders got on with some camp planning and counting fundraising money – an advantage of having a less leader-intensive meeting.

The Guides did their own activities for 50 minutes, then we all played the quiz that one patrol had written.  It was good and educational (did you know that Polo mints were originally manufactured in York?) and I liked that there were edible prizes.

After that we played an active game.  It started out as what I call “the hat game”, where you have two lines facing each other, each girl numbered, an object (traditionally a hat but we used a fuzzy dice) between the lines, and when you call out a number, the two girls with that number have to race to be the first to pick up the dice and throw it into a target (a mixing bowl in this case), and win a point for their line.

At Unit Leader’s suggestion , we made it more active by setting up a goal (a chair) at each end to kick the dice into, like a game of mini one-a-side football.  This was much better as the competition wasn’t over as soon as one girl got control of the dice.  We also called “swap with [number]” if a goal wasn’t scored quickly, to keep them on their toes.  The Guides enjoyed it – there was lots of shouting and cheering – so I must remember it for another time.  New Helper kept the scores and announced them at the end.

Often at indoor meetings, we’re so busy doing the main activity that we don’t get time for a game, so it was really nice to do it tonight.  I think it’s especially good for girls who have recently joined us from Brownies, as they play lots of games there, so it must be a hard transition to suddenly not do so many.  But everyone enjoys a good play, really!


2 thoughts on “Go For Its (part 2)

  1. brownieguideleader

    Your ‘hat game’ sounds very similar to how we play newspaper hockey! Instead of just one item in the middle of the lines there are two rolled up newspapers (hockey sticks) and a ball (we use a rolled up sock. We play the same as you do with a chair at each end for scoring goals. The Brownies absolutely love to play this game! As do the Dad’s when they have played on Father’s Day!

    I like your addition of “swap with [number]”. I’ll have to try that one out!! Thanks.


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