Flowers for mums

This week, like many other units, my Guides made gifts for Mothering Sunday, for their mothers or other significant women in their lives.  On the term plan we called this meeting “Spring crafts” so the families didn’t suspect a thing…

We put the girls into two groups.  One half potted pansies (equipment: plastic flower pots, bedding flowers, compost) and decorated the pots with ribbons and stickers.  The other half made decorations to stick into the soil (equipment: lolly sticks, funky foam, double-sided tape, minibeast templates, googly eyes, PVA glue, and other random craft bits we had in stock).  The groups swapped over gradually as each girl finished her first activity.

Potted pansy with a bee decoration

The results were clearly made with love and most looked really good quality, so I’m sure the recipients will be pleased.  I made templates and demos for a ladybird, a butterfly and a bee.  Some followed these exactly, some used the templates with different colours or added extra eyes, stickers, ribbons, et al.  Some Guides completely did their own thing – I saw some flowery creations and a very impressive funky foam wolf-howling-at-moon on a stick.  I didn’t take any photos of the Guides’ creations, so you’ll have to make do with mine!

Funky foam / lolly stick decorations for plant pots: bee, ladybird, and butterfly

It took quite a while to clear up the crafty bits and compost and get everyone finished, so for the girls who finished quickly there was a bit of milling about and geeing up to help with the tidying.  There wasn’t quite enough clear space or time to play a game, but heigh-ho, a Guide meeting isn’t a school lesson and a bit of unstructured time is ok, right?  We finished on a good note with International Trip Guide selling some of her lovely knitted chicks with Creme Eggs inside.


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