A hall full of people sitting ready to play bingo

The crowds gather.

Officially there was no Guide meeting this week, as it’s the Easter holidays.  To fill that hole in our Monday evening, a Guide’s parents very kindly offered to run a bingo night (again: they did it with great success last year) to help International Trip Guide with her fundraising.

The parents designed a poster, provided books, pencils and prizes, and did the calling and checking and handing out prizes.  Unit Leader did the co-ordinating of venue, helpers, refreshments and raffle, and said a few words the beginning and end of the night.  Other leaders from the unit team and the district helped with publicity, baking, making teas and coffees, selling raffle tickets, refreshments and other odds and ends, and handing out flyers for our forthcoming Big Brownie Birthday tea party (for anyone who has ever been a Brownie).  International Trip Guide was there with her family and said some words of thanks at the end – her first of many public speaking engagements about the trip, I’m sure.

We had a pretty good turnout – I reckon about 60 people – a mixture of leaders and Guides with  their families and friends, and avid bingo players who’d got word of it.  The hall we used has regular bingo sessions (and a number generator machine that they let us use) so it wasn’t too much of a stretch for them to come on an extra day.  The total profit was just shy of £400, a definite boost to the international trip funds.  Whoop whoop!

I had a good time, though I didn’t win anything.  Queen’s Guide Buddy got a full house and chose as her prize a hamper of scones, jam and clotted cream: perfect for her birthday tea party in a few days.  There were lots of leftover cakes (I think everyone baked extra, worrying there wouldn’t be enough) which the Guides will use this weekend when we serve afternoon tea at a local day centre, so everything works out well, hurrah.


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