Bag packing

Shopping trolley full of packed bags

Time for some fundraising!  My Guides went bag packing in our local Sainsbury’s from 9am-1pm one Saturday.  Altogether, 7 Guides and 4 adults helped, and by chance we managed to have quite even coverage over the morning, with some arriving as others left.  Not loads of people, but more than we expected based on uptake the week before.  It was enough to have a definite presence, with one person to every 2 or 3 checkouts.  We also had an adult “floating” near the exit, keeping an eye on our pile of coats and bags and handing out flyers for forthcoming events.

Everyone who helped was a credit to guiding, and for a fairly small number of people in just 4 hours, we did very well to raise £300, plus lots of Active Kids vouchers.  Hurrah for the generous shoppers and accommodating Sainsbury’s employees!  The money will be divided between our unit’s camp funds and one Guide’s international trip.

Shopping trolley full of packed bags

One of our forthcoming events is a tea party for anyone local who has ever been a Brownie (anywhere) to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday, so we tried to ask all the female customers whether they had been Brownies, and if so we told them about the party and directed them to the leader with the flyers.  For some customers, enough to make it worthwhile, this question opened up some nice little bits of conversation, e.g.

“Yes, and I loved my uniform with the brown dress and bobble hat.”

“Yes, I was Sixer of the Imps.”

“Yes, and I still have my camp blanket!”

“No, but I was a Brown Owl!”

“No, but my granddaughters are and they love it.”

It showed how being a Brownie is often a very formative experience and really sticks in the mind decades later.


2 thoughts on “Bag packing

  1. Amy

    Well done, that certainly is a good amount of effort with a relatively small number of people! I once bag packed at Waitrose the weekend before Christmas with my district, I highly recommend that as being incredibly lucrative. Good luck with all the fundraising. Is your international trip Guide producing a badge?

    Brownies is indeed an experience which stays with people. I love it when I’m on the train wearing a unit hoody or with a Girlguiding bag and people stop and say something about Guiding to me. I do my best to encourage them to get involved again, if they can!

    1. Clare Post author

      I love bag packing before Christmas, for the generosity and also being able to wear jolly headgear and see all the tasty food going past! I think the group my Guide is travelling with are getting a team badge made – I’ll have to ask how that’s coming along.


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