Pack holiday assessing 2

Another assessment, another chance to meet new leaders and Brownies and pick up some new ideas!

This pack holiday was in a venue that I’ve visited many times for trainings and other county events, but never for an overnight (though they happen a lot there), so it was good to see how they used the space.

The theme for the weekend was Oliver Twist and Victorians, chosen by the Brownies because a lot of them are doing Oliver as a school play.  I think it’s a great theme, and they seemed to have got lots of interesting activities out of it, from flower pressing to traditional games like hopscotch to a treasure hunt that seemed to involve picking the pockets of a many-pocketed coat that one of the leaders had made!  I must remember they’ve got that coat in case I ever need it…I can’t think why but you never know…

My co-assessor brought with her a tick-list of things to look for, which was helpful.  I’m going to ask her for a copy because without a list I tend to get a bit vague.  We stayed for nearly 2 hours, looking around, chatting to the Brownies and leaders, tasting the biscuits they’d made, and signed off a few parts of Brown Owl’s qualification book.  Now I’m back home, it’s rather nice to think that the Brownies are still out there having fun!


4 thoughts on “Pack holiday assessing 2

  1. brownieguideleader

    Your two posts on pack holiday assessment has made me really interested in looking into this myself! What a great way to get a variety of new ideas and visit new campsites.

    Just love that the girls were the ones to choose Oliver as a theme! You’ll have to post a photo of that coat if you have one, it sounds great. 🙂

    1. Clare Post author

      I’d recommend it – I love having a nosey and finding out what others are doing for their residentials. You could ask your Division/County residential adviser if they’d like a hand with assessments. We do it with advisers, past advisers, and pretty much anyone else who’s experienced and able to get there!

    2. Clare Post author

      Oops, I just realised you’re in Australia so it might not work in quite the same way, but I’m guessing it’s similar? 🙂

  2. brownieguideleader

    I’m assuming it’s a similar situation, but really i’ve got no clue! Next time I see a Leader I know assesses camps i’ll discuss the process with her. I don’t actually have my camping quals yet (on the to-do list!), but i’m assuming that’s step 1!! 😛


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