Lots of music and no first aid

My list of “unexpected things I’ve done through guiding” is long and growing.  Some things that spring to mind are being a fairy in Santa’s grotto and doing catering at a wedding and an anniversary party.

Last weekend I added another to the list.  A leader in my District works with a gentleman who helps to organise a music festival where people (mainly children and teenagers) take part in masterclasses and perform in a concert at the end of the weekend.  This year, the venue demanded that they have trained first aiders present, so he called on his Guider colleague, and she called on other leaders to help.

Between three of us we covered the weekend, and very pleasant it was too.  We spent the time sitting in the foyer, reading, knitting and chatting with the people going past.  Save the Children volunteers provided us with refreshments, and we had the chance to wander around the beautiful grounds of the venue.  Fortunately no first aid was needed, not even a plaster, but we received thanks and a kind donation for being there.

I attended the final concert and I was very impressed by the talented performers.  It reminded me of my teenage days playing in orchestras and I feel inspired to pick up my cello a bit more often.  I was even more impressed by the organising committee, who work very hard all year round to make this happen, simply because they love music and want to foster that love in young people.  Hurrah for volunteers!


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