Grow Wild!

flower trail (4)Another leader at Guides very thoughtfully managed to win us a Grow Wild pack.  I hadn’t heard of Grow Wild till she told me about it, but it’s a campaign to get people growing wild flowers around the UK, particularly to brighten up flowerless areas, and to generally boost communities and wellbeing in the process.

The pack included a packet of seeds for every Guide and leader, a few information booklets and bee house kits (here’s a video showing how to make them), and discount vouchers for Kew Gardens (which is supporting the campaign), enough for everyone.

We wanted a plant-themed evening that would get the Guides keen and knowing enough to want to go and plant their flowers, and between us we came up with one.

flower trail (11)The girls spent all evening working in their patrols.  Each patrol got a “flower” (a cup with paper petals taped on) to fill with as much “pollen” (Smarties) as possible, which they’d win by completing challenges:

  • A relay race collecting balls (“pollen”, yes I know we used that symbolism twice!) with velcro pads and passing them over heads and between legs down the line
  • A “match the pairs” game with pictures of the wildflowers in the packets they’d be getting.  This was meant to be a relay race with teams sending a member to collect a card until they’d all gone, then seeing who had the most pairs.  In fact it got a bit chaotic and the teams ended up swapping cards to help each other, which was nice of them!  So everyone got almost the same number of pollen points in the end.
  • A race to build 2 bee houses per patrol, using the instructions in the booklet (extra points for the patrol who went straight for the felt tips and decorated their houses with flowers!)
  • flower trail (16)A town plant trail to get them noticing plants in built-up areas, sometimes in unexpected places.  This one took a bit more preparation: a couple of days before, I’d gone round town taking close-up pictures of plants and flowers round the market place (like the ones in this post), including images/carvings of flowers to bulk it up.  I put them in a document and added simple questions like “What is the name of this shop?”.  The patrols had to find the plants in the photos and answer the questions, as many as possible in the 15 minutes we gave them.  They all managed to get most of the answers, so the right level of challenge, I think.  (NB the usual rules applied, like not going outside the boundaries we set, and only crossing at crossing places or on quiet roads.)

We had a couple more challenges for if there was time or if the weather was too wet to go out (like pictionary of places they could plant their seeds), but that was all we had time for in the end.  The night finished with them sharing and eating the Smarties they had won.  I do hope some of the seeds get planted!

flower trail (1)



2 thoughts on “Grow Wild!

  1. guideylaurie

    What a great program! Perhaps you could ask them to bring in pictures of what/where they’ve planted in a few weeks time when hopefully some of the plants will be poking up 🙂


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