Fun and games (and bubbles)

This week at Guides, most of the leaders were expecting to be physically/mentally/emotionally exhausted for one reason or another, so we scheduled a low-preparation evening of games and initiative challenges.

We were blessed with a lovely warm sunny evening, so we took the Guides outside.  Our hall doesn’t have any outdoor space, but we have a longstanding agreement with the family just across the road, who very kindly let us use their large garden.

We played the big group games that the girls love but can’t play inside as our hall is too small, like Horses & Jockeys and Fruit Salad (aka Ladders).  We split into patrols and did some races passing hula hoops round a circle by climbing through them, and crossing the “shark-infested water” using hoops as stepping stones (quite a bit of cheating in that, but also a lot of laughter); we also played “make a scene” (I just made that name up), where I called out a scenario like a funfair/the dentist’s/on safari etc, and the patrols had 10 seconds to freeze in position in that scene.  They always seem to love doing drama, so they enjoyed that.  And we did initiative challenges like untangling a knot of hands into a circle, and lining up in various orders without talking.  It was interesting to see the big difference between the older Guides, who’ve done these challenges many times before at school, Guides, drama club etc., and the younger Guides who didn’t have much experience of them.

Finally, just because we fancied it, they made bubble liquid (mix 450ml washing up liquid*, 2l water and 2tsp sugar – all measurements approximate!) and blew bubbles with pipe cleaners and their hands.  We only left 10 minutes for this as we weren’t sure if the Guides would be too old for bubbles and lose interest quickly.  What were we thinking?!  They could easily have gone on for a bit longer.

Leader-wise, it was all very nice and mutual-supporty.  As the least knackered among us, I led most of the games (which was good for me because if I get out of practice then I get less confident and lean too much on others), while the other two leaders and Young Leader helped, watched, and did paperwork and beginning and end announcements.  I know they’d do they have done the same for me if I needed a less active evening.  We have next week off to recharge as it’s half term, and after that fingers crossed that the good weather continues!

*A Brownie leader friend tells me that the very cheapest Sainsbury’s basics stuff doesn’t work very well.  I used Tesco’s own brand but not basics, and that was fine.


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