Pack holiday planning

Last year on a First Response course, I met an old friend from school and Brownies who had returned to the area. She was doing guiding not far from where I live (my Guides are in a different town), so I offered my services if she needed an extra pair of hands occasionally.

This year, she invited me to a Brownie holiday (with Rainbow sleepover on the last night) as they needed extra leaders. I said yes, and a couple of weeks ago I went along to their planning meeting.

The holiday is in August, finishing the day before my Guides’ camp starts – yay for the quick turnaround! – and is in the same place!

It was nice to meet leaders I’d only had email contact with before. They were very welcoming and it sounds like their units are great fun. We talked about the usual things – programme, food, roles, sleeping arrangements etc. – and I chipped in a few activity ideas which I think were well received. I’m quite excited about going away with them, and about the theme, which is “Down on the farm”. In fact, I’m stealing a few ideas for my Guides’ wild west-themed camp, as there’s a bit of overlap in terms of horses and cows.

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