Fitsteps fundraiser


Participants dancing

Everyone enjoying a…whatever this move was

Recently, we had another fundraiser for International Trip Guide.  A couple of leaders in my district go to Fitsteps classes – Fitsteps is a bit like Zumba but with ballroom dance/Strictly moves, no partner or previous experience required – and because they’re chatty, enthusiastic people who tell everyone they know about Guiding, they mentioned ITG to their instructor and she very kindly agreed to run a taster session free of charge.

Free for the instructor, that is: we charged participants £5 and, as always, there were refreshments and a raffle.  I’ll tell you now that we raised a respectable £172.50, another dent in ITG’s fundraising.

Table of cakes for sale

An antidote to all that exercise!

I designed the posters and distributed some of them, and made some cakes, but I wasn’t involved in running the event; I just turned up and enjoyed!

I had a great time: I do like a good dance, and it was fun working out to waltz steps, quickstep and so on.  Some of the footwork was a bit too quick for me, but I like a challenge!  The instructor was very good (and energetic), and apparently she picked up a few new class members so it was a win all round.

Fitsteps instructor on stage

A bit blurry, but ideal for anonymity!

Attendance was ok, not massive – only one of my Guides came, despite a lot of pushing: you can lead a horse to water etc. – but actually it was a good number for the size of the hall.  Any more and it would have started to feel a bit crowded.  I spoke to a few leaders/Trefoilers/friends’ mums whom I hadn’t seen for a while, which was lovely.


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