Scrapbooking and bedding rolls

This week I must admit the programme wasn’t as exciting as originally planned.  We were going to be practising camping skills like putting up tents and making gadgets, but it turned more theoretical because we remembered that the deadline was looming for a challenge/competition set by our local Trefoil Guild for the Guide units in the Division.  We thought we’d better show willing and make some kind of entry: only two other units have, so at worst we’ll come third!

The challenge is to present a plan for a dream camp, complete with a programme, kit lists, costings and so on.  When we leaders first saw it, we were…not burning with enthusiasm, I’m afraid.  We’d hoped the challenge would be more active, something like a Monopoly challenge or a badge with lots of different sections.

Anyway.  After our mini-campsite night back in April, we thought we’d better do a bit more towards it and put it all together in a scrapbook.  So the Guides got into patrols, and each group considered one aspect of planning a camp – catering, equipment, programme, and transport – and with coloured paper and pens made pictures/labels/diagrams/lists/mind maps for Unit Guider to take away and put together (on a ferry crossing to France!).

We also did a bit of teaching how to make bedding rolls, so the evening wasn’t entirely impractical.  And we were outside, which was pleasant.  In fact, for the first time were were using the garden of one of our new Guides, which has a lovely big lawn and paving slabs and garden furniture, and is right next to our hall, and her parents say we can use it any time.  Hurrah!  There was a tense moment when a few raindrops fell, but luckily they didn’t amount to anything (a massive downpour came later, just as the leaders were leaving).


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