Hilltop picnic

This week, the Guides met at a scenic spot with a hillfort and some great views.

Picnic 1

Everyone had brought a picnic tea, and we went up to eat it in a sheltered spot inside the fort.

Picnic 2

It was a beautiful evening, with lots of sun and not much wind, but just enough for a bit of kite-flying.

Picnic 3

One of our Guides received her Baden-Powell Award, which she has worked very hard for, from the District Commissioner.  The Guide’s parents were there, as well as her sisters: another Guide, a Brownie and a Rainbow.  So it was quite the mixed-section evening!  The Rangers joined us too.  They had prepared a quiz that got everyone running around the hilltop in teams searching for the answers.

Picnic 4

We could easily have spent longer there – I’d worried that we would run out of things to do, and had come over-prepared, but hadn’t factored in that 20 minutes were taken up with walking between the car park where we met and the picnic spot.  I guess it’s better for everyone to leave wanting more.


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