Camp parents’ meeting

A couple of weeks ago, the Guides and leaders who are going on camp left our scrapbook meeting half an hour early to have a parents’ meeting for camp.  (The remaining Guides and leaders finished their evening just fine – we could hear them singing Taps outside.)  We were joined by Guides, parents and leaders from the other unit in town – as usual, we’re all camping together.

This was a particularly special meeting because it was the first one led by Queen’s Guide Buddy, who is running the camp to get her licence as part of her Queen’s Guide Award (I did mine with Brownies in February, you may recall), so that we can do our exploration in the autumn.

The other leaders said they felt strange but proud to watch QGB taking the meeting.  She made a great little booklet for everyone with all the info and kit list in, and worked through it, and it all went fine.  I said my bit about the programme of activities, and others about first aid and catering.  There weren’t even many questions at the end.

The leaders stayed chatting for a while afterwards, arranging a few more things for camp.  It’s only 8 weeks away, yay!

A bedding roll strapped to a bike pannier rack

My demonstration bedding roll, also demonstrating the challenges of being a Guider without a car.


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