Cook-out (2nd of 2014)

This week the Guides had their second cook-out of term.  We usually do two each summer for various reasons: they’re popular with the Guides, they can learn/remember the basics the first time and build on what they’ve learned the second time, we can explore different sites, we can have a joint meeting with another group.

Cook out 1

This time we used the same leader’s garden as before, together with another Guide unit from our division.  We often go on camps and trips with this unit and we know the leaders quite well. Some of the girls recognised each other too, and it turned out that one of our Guides has a cousin in the other unit!

Cook out 2

Our Unit Helper had kindly gone there earlier in the day to turf out little fire pits.  When we all arrived it was pouring with rain, but even so the usual number of Guides turned up – hurrah!  We had some dry newspaper and kindling wood to get things started, and within half an hour the sky had cleared into a fine evening and all the fires were hot enough to add damp wood.

Cook out 3

All that remained was for the Guides to cook and enjoy the food they’d brought.  Some groups stuck with tried-and-tested sausages and burgers, while others got more adventurous.  Our youngest Guides very impressively brought along a kettle to make hot chocolate and a biscuit tin to cook mini pizzas in, and our Young Leader helped them to rig these up.

Cook out 4

What I like about cook-outs – beside the food and fire – is having time to chat with the girls.  I learned much more about them this evening than I do in a “usual” meeting, and we discussed the camp programme and possible ideas for a trip next term, as well as all sorts of random stuff.  This was my last Guides night before the summer holidays, as I’m away next week.  What will I do with my Monday evenings?!  Wait, I know…plan for camp.


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