District and Division meetings

This week, when unit meetings had finished for the term, but before we got deep into the summer holidays, everyone decided that it was a good window of opportunity to get together. So my guiding activities this week were a meeting/meal with my District, and another one the next day with my Division team. Both were lovely: a chance to catch up with other leaders and meet some I didn’t know before, put some dates in the diary, wish each other good luck for camps and holidays, say goodbye to some unit leaders and hello to their successors, learn bits of news (e.g. our hall has received a generous grant to buy some new tables and chairs, yay! And we might have a new Rainbow unit opening after Christmas, double yay!), and eat tasty food. Many thanks to the two leaders who welcomed 20+ of us into their homes and provided chairs, drinks and in one case a delicious lasagne.


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