Sighing over storage

Storage box with note stuck to it saying "This box is for camp - Clare"

Camp is fast approaching!  Whenever I start to panic, I remember that at least I’m not the one doing my licence.  (That would be Queen’s Guide Buddy, and she’s doing a great job of it.)

With another leader, I’m in charge of the programme.  We’ve made our magic spreadsheet of activities and kit, and this week I went to the hall to start getting things together.

This meant delving into my unit’s cupboard and storage crates.  Argh!  Suddenly the memories came flooding back: the time we made Christmas cards and hastily shoved all the coloured paper away at the end of the meeting; the time I was rummaging in the crate, spilled sequins everywhere, and didn’t have time to gather them up again; the crafts QGB and I ran at Region camp, which are still in the bottom of the crate where we left them last summer… yeah, I think we need to sort our storage out.

On the plus side, I was pleased to find things I wasn’t sure if we had, like felt, glittery card, and six colanders.  I got together a couple of boxes for camp, and felt much better for having made some non-last-minute preparations and ticked things off the kit list.


6 thoughts on “Sighing over storage

  1. Nicola Higgins

    I think we’ve all been there. The sequins and the paper and the half-finished items that a child missed the second week of. There is never enough time to sort it out!

    1. Clare Post author

      I have crammed as much craft stuff into a “take to camp” box as I think I can get away with, and the Guides will not be allowed to go home until it’s all used up 😉

      1. Nicola Higgins

        Oooh, yes. Random craft nights are good, too. Get everything out in a big pile and tell them the theme is “cowboys” or “the world” or whatever. Tell them they can use anything they want. We get some really interesting creations that way!

  2. guideylaurie

    Our storage at our hall is currently non-existant (renovations), so EVERYTHING is in the back of my car and co-leader’s car, and has been for the past term… its just disasterous. I’m sure we’re buying things we already have five times over simply though having no idea what is where…

    1. Clare Post author

      Gosh, that sounds pretty desperate! I bet you can’t wait till it can all go back. I know from other Guiders that it makes for interesting conversations when the car needs servicing and the mechanics find random craft bits in all the nooks and crannies.


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