DIY camp badges

Reverse-image badge designs on transfer paper

Printed, cut out, and ready to iron onto yellow felt.

A few years ago, inspired by a swap she got, Queen’s Guide Buddy started a tradition of making our own camp badges with felt and print-and-iron transfer paper.  Sometimes she makes them, sometimes I do, and this year it’s a team effort: I designed and printed, and she’s going to iron on and cut the fabric, because I don’t have a working iron.

Incidentally, the neckers are also a team effort: I cut up a king-size sheet and she’s going to hem them with her sewing machine, another domestic appliance I don’t have!

Clare’s top tips:

  • Read and follow the instructions on the transfer paper
  • Make sure you print on the right side of the paper and in the right orientation: for dark fabric, the image should be the right way round, and for light fabric it should be in mirror image
  • Aim to make more than you need, because a few badges usually melt or don’t stick or come out wonky.  This year, I need 35 badges, but I printed and got enough fabric for 48.  That’s 12 to a page x 4 pages, because 36 would have been cutting it too fine
  • Follow official guidelines on branding, e.g. how to present the group name and trefoil.  Here are the ones for Girlguiding in the UK (may be a members-only page)…and my heart just sank as I realised I’ve done something wrong, which fortunately the world can’t see because it’s in the blanked-out bit of the photo.  Too late now, but I guess we shouldn’t use them as swaps after all.  Please learn from my mistakes!
  • Don’t leave it till the last minute.  This is a bit of prep you can do weeks or months in advance, as soon as you know the theme, approximate number of participants and (optionally) location of your camp.  You don’t want to be up printing and ironing at silly o’clock the night before camp.  Again, trust me on this.

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