How to make a rain stick

Home made rain shaker stick

Here’s another craft from camp. The picture doesn’t do justice to the pleasant rattling sound it makes.

My original plan was to poke cocktail sticks into the cardboard tube, but that would have left pointy bits at the sides.  I see from various online instructions that you can poke nails or tacks into the tube…but internal silver foil was the easiest and cheapest material to obtain, so it won.

I asked all the leaders to collect and bring along cardboard tubes, and we had a mixture of kitchen roll inners, silver foil inners, and the tubes that glowsticks come in – it sounded like a monsoon when they were all rattling at once!

Download a rain stick instruction sheet – feel free to use it in a legal and non-profit way 🙂

I returned from camp yesterday, so no doubt posts about how it went will follow soon!


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