Back to Guides

This week normal service resumed as we had our first unit meeting of term.  I was a bit late (the fault was shared between me and the bus), and I arrived to a buzzing and very full hall:

  • 31 Guides, including one newbie, a little sister who was very well looked after all evening by her older sibling, and about 5 who we weren’t expecting to come back – one had even given us a goodbye card and present last term!
  • 3 Young Leaders: the outgoing one who leaves for university in a couple of weeks, the incoming one who left Guides at Easter, and an ex-Guide/Ranger/Rainbow Young Leader who came along for the craic.
  • The usual 4 adult leaders/helpers.  A very good spread, though a little cramped.

They had formed patrols and the Young Leaders were going around writing down who was in which.

Then they played a Kim’s Game: Unit Leader had brought along 30-something random objects and spread them on a table, and two leaders held up a cloth to shield the table from the room.  Each patrol numbered themselves from 1-6 (those with fewer members had some people with two numbers) and when a leader called a number, all the people with that number would go and look at the table for about a minute, then report back to their patrol and write down what they had seen.  When everyone had had two turns, the patrols swapped sheets and marked each other’s, with extra points for giving details like “blue hairbrush”.

Fun fact: when I was a Brownie, I was County Kim’s Game Champion in a contest run by the Trefoil Guild.  I have a certificate somewhere to prove it.

Next, we handed out one of the objects to each Guide, and gave the patrols 5 minutes to put together a play/sketch using all the objects, then watched each other’s performances.  They always enjoy a bit of drama, and we have a love/hate relationship with watching their plays!

While all this was going on, the leaders did a bit of speedy term planning.  It’s quite a long term – 13 meetings – but once we’d put in the things we need to do/always do (Bonfire night, making cakes for a stall, making crafts for another stall, Christmas party) and things we’d committed to (one of Unit Leader’s colleagues, a former Guide leader, is coming in for a couple of nights to do the First Aid badge), there were only a few weeks left, which we filled with seasonal things and activities the Guides asked to do last term that are more suitable for the autumn.  Bish bash bosh – not directly girl-led this term, but I think they’ll be happy with the programme.

After the plays, since the Guides were already sitting down like an audience, we asked those who had been on camp if they enjoyed it, and spoke about some events coming up, which we gave out letters for at the end, mainly the BIG GIG (I’m pretty excited about this – for those not in the know, it’s a national pop concert for Guides and Senior Section) and next summer’s county international camp.

Finally, we had a round of “riding on my pony” (a singing game) and managed to end the meeting on time.  It was lovely to see so many of them back and enthusiastic about the new term.


2 thoughts on “Back to Guides

    1. Clare Post author

      Yeah, it works well as we’ve got plenty of leaders, including a couple who are very good at crowd control! The biggest issue is space, as our hall is tiny so there are certain active games we can never do indoors.

      I like your compass Kim’s Game, too – good way to start committing it to memory.


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