Baking bonanza (part 1)

This week, the Guides made cakes to sell at a stall on Saturday.  We do this every year, and our baking nights have become legendary.

Every year the operation gets a bit slicker, mostly thanks to Unit Helper who brings large quantities of ingredients, laminated recipe sheets, and lined tins.  This year she had prepared various weights of flour in sandwich bags and labelled them “175g”, “200g”, and so on.  I’m sure it took her ages, but it saved so much time at Guides.

We set out tables for the Guides to work at, with a long table at one end of the room where we lay out all the ingredients, scales, bowls, utensils, recipe sheets etc.  2 or 3 leaders man this table.  The Guides get into groups of 2, 3 or 4, and they choose and take a recipe card, find a bowl etc., then come up and get their ingredients as they need them.  It’s a bit crowded at the beginning, but once everyone has got going, it gets a bit more staggered.

Once the Guides have put their mixture into a tin, they put a sticky label on the tin saying what kind of cake it is and leave it on a designated worktop.  They take their dirty bowls and utensils to the kitchen to be washed up, return their recipe sheet, and pick a new one.  At the end of the night, a few leaders take the cakes home to bake, driving very carefully all the way.

As well as the leaders handing out ingredients, we also have one leader on washing up duty – it’s constant from as soon as the first cake is finished till the end of the meeting – and at least one more leader roaming, helping with labelling the tins, and making sure everyone is ok.  You do need plenty of adults and young leaders for this meeting.

Our girls did well – they made 33 cakes in total, so each group made 2,3 or 4 in just over an hour.  These will bring us over £100.  Yes, we paid for the ingredients, but we usually make this a donation from our unit to the district.  We may be able to use our Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers towards the food next time.




3 thoughts on “Baking bonanza (part 1)

    1. Clare Post author

      🙂 It needs leaders able to transport the mix home (crates/trays are good for putting cake tins in, even better if they have lids) and willing to cook them all, but if you’ve got that it works well.

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