Halloween fun

This week at Guides we had a halloween-themed night.  It was a bit early, but next week we’re off for half term, so this was our last meeting before the end of the month.

We started by playing the chocolate-and-dice game, in two groups.  Unit Leader had wrapped the chocolate bars up in newspaper to add an extra layer of difficulty, and make the type of chocolate a mystery (it was Aero).

Halloween fun night (1) - Copy

Next we had a feel inside some boxes that another leader had prepared.  They contained:

  1. Tinned lychees (eyeballs)
  2. Cooked spaghetti in soil (worms)
  3. Cooked cauliflower head (brain)
  4. Soft toy (spider/rat)
  5. Jelly (blood)

The Guides got into smaller groups.  Each group sent one person up at a time to feel the mystery items (no looking: they were covered with tea towels), then they went back and discussed and wrote down what they thought was inside, while the next person went up.  We explained that we wanted gruesome halloween-themed answers.  Everyone got a second feel if they wanted.  It was fun watching everyone’s expressions!  I had a feel myself, and even though I knew what was in the boxes, it was still pretty disgusting.  At the end, we all shared our ideas – some of our girls came up with really imaginative/horrible suggestions, like zombie spit – and what was really in the boxes.

Halloween fun night (21) - Copy

Finally the Guides decorated hanging pumpkin/bat decorations that catch the light.  It was a good way to wind down after the excitement of the games, and we haven’t done any craft for a while, so it was time to do some to keep the programme balanced and varied!  It’s the half term holiday next week, and after that we’ll be back for bonfire funtimes.


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