Campfire night at Brownies

A couple of weeks ago, I went along to the Brownie pack that meets just before my Guides, to be a qualified leader when their Brown Owl couldn’t make it.  This was the pack that I took on holiday back in February, so it was nice to see them again, and meet the new Brownies who have joined since.

They were having a campfire-themed evening.  First, each Six made a log out of a kitchen roll tubes, coloured paper, scissors and sellotape.  We showed them one that a leader had made earlier, and let them work out how to copy it without many more instructions.  When they were done, we put all the logs together in the middle of the room to make an indoor “fire” (with a bucket of water next to it, of course!).

Brown Owl had left us things to make edible fires – chocolate biscuits, matchmakers and strawberry laces – as well as tealights and mini marshmallows, but we decided to skip the construction and just let the Sixes toast the marshmallows on the tealights and make fancy s’mores with the rest of the food.  I don’t think I’d ever toasted mini marshmallows before, only big ones, but I liked it as they were ready within seconds!  Another advantage was that there are lots in a packet, so each Brownie got at least 10 or so.  The Brownies were happy to spend quite a lot of time doing this, experimenting with different techniques and finding out what happens when they toast other things, like strawberry laces…and wooden skewers!

Finally, we all sat in a circle around the “campfire” and sang a few songs.  It was a fun evening, and nice to spend time with a unit that is smaller (in numbers and in girl size!) and younger and even a bit quieter than my Guides.


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