Ooh shiny horse shoes

In half term, I went to the Guide Hall to spray-paint some horse shoes.  It was lovely and peaceful being in there by myself.

Let me explain: we got the horse shoes free from a local stables to use for crafts and games on our summer camp (Wild West theme, if you remember).  There were about 30 left over, which we left gently rusting in a bag in the hall.  Unit Leader asked me to come up with a way to transform them into something we can sell to raise funds.

First I scrubbed them with wire wool to get off the rust and mud as best I could.  Then I laid them out on newspaper and gave them a good old spray, with the windows wide open of course!  It took a good couple of hours to do them all on both sides.

Now they’re sitting prettily drying on the worktop.  I don’t know what the finished product is going to look like (or even what its function will be; ornamental, I suppose), but I’m pleased with the results so far.

Horseshoes (1)


3 thoughts on “Ooh shiny horse shoes

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