First aid part 1

This week, a nurse and former Guider came to do some first aid with the Guides.  This is a lady whom Unit Leader recruited into guiding many years ago, who was heavily involved for many years but has stepped out of it for the last ten years or so.  She came to the BIG GIG with us, so I wonder if Unit Leader is trying to re-recruit her…

What all this means is that she knows her stuff, knows how Guides work, and was quite happy to take charge of the meeting, so the rest of us didn’t have to do much except a bit of watching and helping.  Lovely!  The girls liked seeing a new face – they listen more when it’s someone they don’t know! – and they covered responses to finding a casualty, the recovery position and chest compressions, and did some quiz sheets about this and about healthy lifestyles.  She is coming back next week to cover “the rest of first aid” – I’m looking forward to it.


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