First aid part 2

The nurse who is a once-and-hopefully-future Guider came back for a second week and ran a meeting for the Guides about the “other bits” of first aid: bleeding, choking, burns, fits, fractures, sprains, and so on.  Again, this was nice and easy for the leaders – all we had to do was a bit of watching and helping.  Queen’s Guide Buddy and I sat in a corner and did some planning for our exploration.

The Guides were very good and patient through a meeting that involved quite a lot of sitting and listening, with a few quiz sheets and a bit of practical bandaging and sling-tying.  It’s definitely the air of authority and unfamiliarity that our nurse friend has – they’d never listen to their usual leaders for so long at a stretch!  To be fair, they were genuinely interested, and quite a few of them wanted to share first aid situations that they’d been in.  Next week we’ll make it up to them with an evening of games and activities in the dark.


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