Glowsticks, candles and torches

Last week at Guides we had a night in the dark (intentionally, not a power cut!) which we billed as “glowsticks, candles and torches night”.  Actually, we didn’t really do much with glowsticks in the end, so we have quite a lot of uncracked ones spare.  We’ll certainly find a use for them at some stage.

We played some games by torchlight: traffic lights (with leaders shining torches through red, white or green paper to indicate whether to run, walk or sit down); “hide your partner’s shoes in and get her to find them with a torch by saying ‘warmer’ or ‘colder'”; and wink murder with the Guides lighting up their faces when they were still alive, and switching their torch off when they were murdered.  It would have been a bit spooky if they’d done it in silence, but with all their nattering and giggling it wasn’t spooky at all!

Then they got into groups and made quick shadow puppet plays, and showed them to everyone else, with some leaders shining a torch through a sheet.  They came up with an impressive range of shapes, including rabbits, butterflies, dogs, llamas and crocodiles.  Most of them seemed to meet violent ends in the plays!

Finally, they toasted marshmallows and veggie-sweets over tea lights.  It was a fun, loud, fairly active evening, which was just what they needed after a couple of weeks of listening carefully about first aid.  Having got that out of out systems, we continue the balanced and varied programme with some Christmas crafts next time, huzzah!


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