Christmas party

The Guides and their Leaders have made it to the end of term, and the end of 2014!

For our last meeting, we had a Christmas party.  I didn’t take any photos because I was running the games, but I can assure you that, in the dress code of red, green, white, or generally festive, we all looked pretty dapper.

Most of the evening was spent playing silly games.  The Guides sat in teams and had to nominate one person from their team to do each challenge – and everyone had to do at least one.  They were:

  • put a cut-up Christmas card picture together
  • transfer as many cotton wool balls as possible from a bowl in the middle back to their tables, using Vaseline on their nose (or elbow, for those with sensitive faces)
  • count out loud as high as they could in one minute, saying “one reindeer, two reindeer, three reindeer” etc.
  • flap a cardboard cut-out reindeer along the floor as far as possible in one minute
  • shake all the cotton wool balls out of a tissue box tied to their waist as fast as possible
  • be the first person to fill a pair of tights with bean bags/juggling balls/soft toys, put it on their head, run to the middle and ring a bell
  • wrap a present as nicely as possible in a fixed time

(Several of these are adapted from my fairy tale games last week.)

Our New Young Leader and two of the older Guides were a huge help – they did all the scoring and announced the results.  Meanwhile, the other Leaders took part in a few of the games, then one set up a projector and screen while the others set out the food that the Guides had brought.  About 20 mintues before the end of the meeting, we finished the games and started on the nibbles.  While they were eating and mingling, we played a slide show of photos of all (well, most) of the things the Guides have done this year.  I had fun and pride putting it together.  Looking back, we’ve packed a lot in – I had to limit it to 15 minutes of highlights!

When it was over, all that remained was to wish everyone a happy Christmas, say goodnight, tuck into the leftovers with the Leaders, restore order to the hall (not a quick job – there were crumbs and bits of cotton wool everywhere!), and make a rough plan for the first meeting of next term.

Much as I’ve enjoyed this term at Guides, I’m looking forward to a five-week break.  That’s longer than we had in the summer, because of the timing of camp.  Plenty of time to recharge my batteries and enjoy my Queen’s Guide exploration.

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