Oh hi, 2015!

Firstly, it’s time to wish this blog a happy first anniversary.  Break out the party poppers!

This makes it my longest-lived blog (out of…5?), which I put down to the fact that it’s easy to write about guiding things.  There’s never a shortage of subject matter, because there’s something (or several somethings) happening almost every week.  Don’t know why I didn’t start before.  I’ve already found it really handy to have a record of what I’ve done and when I did it.

Secondly, a bit of reflection on 2014.  In most aspects of life, it was a year of unprecedented stasis, and for the first time since I was four, I ended the year with more or less the same living arrangements, job, relationships, hobbies and educational status as I began it.  I’m very lucky that nothing really awful has happened to me and mine this year, and I’ve had the time and space to rediscover things like art, and try some new things like growing vegetables, because I knew I would be living in the same place long enough to see them grow.

The negative is that sometimes I’ve panicked at the lack of change and tried to meddle with things that were fine as they were.  I think guiding – having things to plan and prepare and work on – has rescued me from doing too much of that, and helped me to use my time and abilities more wisely.  It’s certainly been the main part of my life that’s developed.  In 2014 I…

  • Ran my first Pack Holiday and gained my Going Away With qualification
  • Became Division Residential Adviser and helped to assess several Pack Holidays
  • Completed the Skill, Residential and Exploration parts of my Queen’s Guide award, and started the big boss, Community Action
  • Ran the camp programme with a slightly different (but excellent) team
  • Got more involved in my Unit admin: emailing parents, making letters and consent forms
  • Taken more photos of my guiding activities.  Benefits include making my PR Advisers happy by giving them material, and being able to make a slide show for my Guides at the end of the year

…on top of the usual involvements in unit meetings, local events and trips, fundraising, et al.  It’s been more than some have done and less than others have done, but it’s been fine for me.

Guiding-wise, there are already a few things to look forward to in 2015, like a Bake Off, Thinking Day, and the county international camp, and I’ve got a few other things I’d like to make happen – well, mostly taking my Guides to a theme park, if I’m honest.  Here’s to another year of using time and abilities wisely – and to guiding with a smile 🙂


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