Shiny new Rainbows

Hooray, there’s a new Rainbow unit in my District!

Last summer, one of our Brownie leaders graduated from university, moved back home and found a job in the area, and decided to start a much-needed second Rainbow unit.  The waiting list for the existing one was big enough to fill several units, and some girls were almost ready for Brownies by the time they started Rainbows.

With support from our District Commissioner and others, the new unit opened after Christmas (oh – sudden thought, that’s exactly 20 years after I started Rainbows, also in a newly re-opened unit).  They meet for an hour on Saturday mornings, and for the moment the leader has decided to ask other Guiders to help on a rota.

I went along to their third meeting and had a lovely time.  It brought back happy memories of the unit I was with for three years when I was at university.  Rainbows are great.

There were nine girls, two new but great Young Leaders (Guides in the other unit in town, whom I know from camps and trips), and three adult Leaders.  The theme was fairy tales, so the Rainbows drew pictures of giants, then they played a game finding words on stickers and using them to fill in the gaps in fairy tales, in groups of three.  If that sounds familiar, I ran the same activity for adults at our Division sleepover, but in some ways it was funnier with Rainbows because they didn’t know what some of the words meant, not all of them could read, and they weren’t discriminating about whether they should fill a gap with a verb or an adjective, so the tales came out rather haphazardly.  When they were finished, the big folk read them out, and the Rainbows thought they were hilarious.

Then we had a very special visit from two Trefoil Guilders, who came to present the Rainbows with a welcome pack of activity books.  With them present, we had someone from every section of Girlguiding in the room, except Brownies and Rangers.  We took some photos, the girls spent a while looking at the books and writing their names on them, and then it was time to sing the goodbye song.

I’m so pleased to see the Rainbow leader doing so well, and I’m looking forward to going back sometime later this term and seeing the lovely new unit grow and develop.


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