First aid part 3

First Aid badge

As a follow-up to our two first aid weeks last term (1 and 2), our Nurse and Former Guide Leader came back to test the Guides for their badge.  This is one of the very few badges we regularly do, the others being Camper and Camper Advanced.

This meeting was much more hands-on for the girls and the leaders than the previous first aid sessions.  The Guides split into four groups (randomly rather than with just their friends, for a change) and Nurse put a leader in each corner and assigned us one thing to practise/test: chest compressions, recovery position, slings and bandages, and first aid kit contents.  The groups rotated around the stations, spending 10-15 minutes on each, and Nurse floated around all of them with questions and advice.

I was on the recovery position, a relief as it’s the thing I feel most confident explaining.  Most of the Guides knew basically what they needed to do, though not without a bit of giggling and self-consciousness, which is fair enough, as it is hard to conjour up what you’d actually feel if you were dealing with an unconscious person, especially someone you know.  They all had no trouble remembering the gory details about what could block the airways, bless ’em.

Nurse and I made sure everyone knew when to put someone in the recovery position (unconscious and breathing), and what its basic purpose was (keep the airways open, stop the casualty from rolling over), and asked them questions like “What would you do once you’ve put them in the recovery position?”, “What information would you need to give to the 999/112 phone operator?”, and “What would you do if they stopped breathing?”.

That took up the whole evening, and at the end Nurse declared that they had (of course) all earned their badge.  Hurrah!


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