Beach party

When the Guides were brainstorming what they wanted to do this term, one of their suggestions was going to the beach.  Now, we’re 90 miles away from the seaside and a beach trip wouldn’t be practical this side of Easter, so we decided to banish the winter blues and have an indoor beach night instead.

On what turned out to be one of the coldest evenings of winter so far – we actually got a couple of inches of snow later that night – everyone came to Guides in summer clothes and we cranked the heating up.  One Leader brought a lamp to make things that bit brighter, and another brought long swathes of pale yellow fabric which we laid out on the blue carpet to make a beach.

We split the Guides into four groups – as luck would have it, we had 24 girls that day.  Two groups made sand sculptures in trays, with play sand and yogurt pots…

Beach night (15)Beach night (14)…while the other two groups played a game guessing whose feet were whose.  One group left the room, the other group hid under fabric with only their feet showing, and the first group came back and had to decide together and write down which feet they thought were whose.  Then we did a big reveal to see if they were right.

Beach night (3) - CopyIt showed up that a lot of the Guides don’t know each other’s names, especially the oldest and the youngest.  But most of the teams got most of the answers right, or at least guessed the right people in the wrong order, so I think it was a good way for them to learn names.

One group cunningly all swapped shoes, and another cheated by tickling someone’s feet, which made her giggle and show her face!

Then we swapped over, so everyone had a chance to make sand sculptures and play the game.

Next, we gave the groups a set of split-pin Punch and Judy characters downloaded from here to colour, cut out, and pin together, while coming up with a short play.  While they were getting on with that, the Leaders made “cocktails” with orange juice and blackcurrant squash (for a sunset effect), mint, and glacé cherries.  Well, I didn’t; I praced about taking photos and saying “you have five more minutes, girls!”

Beach night (16)Finally, the groups performed their Punch and Judy shows, and had cocktails and ice pops while they watched.  We were running out of time, so they only got two minutes each, and two poor groups spent so long faffing and giggling and deciding what to do that they barely performed anything.  Still, it was quite entertaining for everyone.

Beach night (25) - Copy We had planned to play beack volleyball and the “sharks and lifeguards” parachute game, but alas, there was no time left.  Still, a fun evening!

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