It takes a village to raise a Queen’s Guide, part 1


They signed my record book:

  • Unit Leader

  • Another Assistant Leader in my unit

  • Unit Helper

  • District Commissioner

  • A Brown Owl in my district (I borrowed her Brownies for a pack holiday)

  • Another Brown Owl in my district, wise in the ways of crochet and my friend since we were Rangers

  • A Brownie Leader from elsewhere in my county (I helped at her pack holiday)

  • The chairman of my district Trefoil Guild

  • A Trefoil Guild member, very wise in the ways of campfire songs and papercraft, whom I met at Region camp

  • The volunteer co-ordinator at my local library

It gives me the warm fuzzies to look through my book and see the signatures and nice comments of all these women – old friends and new, local and not so local, guiding and non-guiding – who have seen my on the way to getting that book signed off.



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