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With a couple of weeks to go before Mothering Sunday, my Guides made cards for the special women in their lives, an activity that goes down in the term plan as “spring craft”. I suspect that long-term Guide mothers are wise to this.

The Guides are generally more imaginative and artistic than us leaders, so we set them off with a few pictures off Pinterest for inspiration (disclaimer: copy and paste others’ pictures at your own risk) and all our relevant art and craft stuff, in the hope that they would reduce the hoard a bit.

Mothers Day cards (8)

They worked on that for almost an hour, as well as writing invitations to their mother/other special woman to come to next week’s meeting for a pamper night.

After that, we did an actually rather good tidy-up, played a round of Animal Splat, and sang “Riding on my big fat pony” – and not just because we had two new Guides and we wanted to show them that we do fun active things and don’t just sit at tables, although that was part of the motivation. A few announcements, a round of “Happy birthday to you” for one girl, and home we all went.

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