Super spa night

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The week before Mothers’ Day, the girls invited the significant women in their lives to Guides and gave them an evening of spa treatment.

As the ladies arrived, the Guides showed them to a seat, offered them a magazine to read, and brought them hot drinks and biscuits, while the leaders finished getting the beauty things ready.

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When we were ready, the girls asked their ladies what beauty treatment they would like.  We had hand/foot scrubs (sugar and oil), hand and foot lotion (yogurt and something else that made it pink and strawberry-scented for hands, green and peppermint-scented for feet), face masks (porridge oats and something else?), cucumbers for their eyes, and nail files, buffers and polish.

Unit Helper had done a brilliant job making up all the potions and lotions in advance.  She brought them along in big tubs and we decanted them into smaller bowls and cups which we could give to individual Guides.

As it was Unit Helper’s birthday, we thought she shouldn’t do any more work, so she sat down and was looked after by some Guides who hadn’t brought anyone with them.

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It was a fun evening, and I think nice for the mums and Guides to spend time together and for the mums to see roughly what a Guide meeting is like.  We only had about 2/3 attendance – most of the older girls and the ones who run a mile from the word “beauty” were absent – but maybe that was just as well as the hall was just comfortably full.  Lots of washing up at the end, but a good pleasant evening.


2 thoughts on “Super spa night

    1. Clare Post author

      Yes, especially with the Guide age group, there are some parents we practically never see – I always think they’re very trusting to just turn their daughters over to us!


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