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Easter holiday bits and bobs

Guiding things what I did over the holidays:

  • Final signing-off-the-Queen’s-Guide-book meeting.  The book should be winging its way to the Chief Guide now!
  • Summer camp meeting for leaders on our division subcamp (within the larger county camp).
  • Bag packing – in a local supermarket raising money for our International Trip Guides and a bit for unit funds.  The girls (and their mothers and sisters, and leaders and a few other helpful Guides) were there for 9 hours over a weekend and raised over £1100, an excellent total.  We’ll repeat it in a couple of weeks, hopefully not catching too many of the same shoppers.
  • Refreshing the Guides’ display board with recent photos and nice bright backing paper.
  • And the most fun thing: a trip to a theme park with the Guides!  I’ll save that for another post.

Bag packing April 2015 (1) - Copy

Winging it

For our last Guides meeting of term, we were meant to have some visitors in to teach us about self defence and online safety. Unfortunately that had to be postponed at the last minute because of illness, so Unit Leader messaged the other leaders asking us to turn up with ideas. Between us we managed to make an evening of Eastery fun and games.

First we finally got to do a “Chinese raffle” (as explained by Kelloggsville). I’ve been wanting to play it at Guides for months and I’ve had it ready to go as a back-up activity – gifts wrapped, rules printed – since last summer, but we haven’t managed to fit it in till now. On my way home before Guides, I popped into Hobbycraft and bought a few fluffy chicks and bunnies (6 for £1 and 4 for £1 respectively) to Easter it up a bit, and wrapped them up. The rest of the presents were just little sweets from variety bags.

We played that and the Guides asked lots of questions to clarify the rules, testing my explaining ability, but got on with it quite well once they started. They were doing it in groups of 4-8, and the only catch was the smallest group finished first and had to wait a while for the others, while the biggest group took much longer and in the end we cut it short and the girls shared out the remaining gifts between them.

Next, Queen’s Guide Buddy ran a game about finding egg-related facts. By good fortune, she had prepared it for one of her classes at school, and it worked well for Guides too. The facts were hidden on egg-shaped bits of card around the room, and the girls (still in groups) had to find a fact, leave it where it was, and go and tell it to a leader who would tick it off on a grid. The first group to get all the facts ticked off between them won. They won some chocolate eggs at the end of the night, in fact.

Finally, we played the game where the Guides sit in a circle and have to pass something (in this case, a chocolate egg) around the circle behind their backs. One girl stands in the middle and has three guesses at who is holding the egg. If she guesses right, she wins the egg. If she guesses wrong, or the egg gets back to where it started before she has used all her guesses, whoever is holding the egg wins it. New detective, new egg, start again.

We spent the last few minutes doing notices, and then it was the Easter holidays, woohoo! Even though the programme changed at short notice, I quite like ending the term doing more active leading than I’ve done in a while, rather then letting someone else run the night. I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks off regular meetings, but it won’t be much of a break from guiding as there are a few (mostly fun) things happening over the holidays.